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Welcome To EaZyBubbles!

At Eazybubbles LLC

We do Birthday Parties, BBQ's ,Block parties , Concerts , town days , Summer day camps  and many other outdoor events.  When you want to add magic and happiness to your next event 

book us. 

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Eazybubble's 1st Video 

They mesmerized us as children, glistening in the sun as they float along and providing hours of simple fun. Dazzling and delicate, everyone is enchanted by bubbles! EaZy Bubbles LLC celebrates the wonder of bubbles like you have never seen them before, in towering shapes and captivating, interactive performances.

Add a little magic to every event when you choose EaZy Bubbles for your day’s entertainment. EaZy Bubbles has wowed audiences across New York City, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania with creative shows that captivate audiences of all ages. Our special, patented bubble wands are unlike anything you have seen before, creating gigantic shapes and intricate designs for a truly unique experience.

EaZy Bubbles is available for parties, graduations, summer camps, concerts and gatherings across the greater New York City and New Jersey area. Continue browsing our site to learn more about the wonderful world of bubbles, our performance, or to see some highlights from previous events.

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