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from EaZyBubbles.

Our company was formed out of a deep love for bubbles and the great outdoors. Our products are designed for the outdoors. People of all ages will enjoy EaZyBubbles.

We are reaching out today offering you an opportunity to give your clients BIG TIME FUN!! This unique device makes gigantic bubbles, by the thousands, all in one easy motion, and can be repeated as offend as you desire. All you need is a little wind and the space to let them fly. The device is called a bubble net. When paired with our specially formulated solution, you have the makings for hour and hours of good clean fun as well as healthy exercise. Our products are safe and truly easy to use. They can be master within minutes by ages 3 and up, hence our name EaZyBubbles.

Our website is .You can see the bubble nets in action and learn more about our company.

Not sure if this is the correct venue to pursue this or if we should direct this to your marketing people.

Several of our clients are using our bubble nets not only for entertainment purposes but for marketing too. Simply put, EaZyBubbles draw a lot of attention. Every single time we have attended an event, and deployed our bubbles nets, within 5 minutes huge crowds appear. Kids are unable to control their excitement and have to play in the bubbles, their parents soon follow. Our bubble nets are a great mechanism to pull people to your enrollment booths and towards your personal. By offering the kids a chance to play with the bubble nets, you will develop a crowd that lingers in your area. This will give your personal ample opportunity to present your enrollment information. Plus you are showing the families what a fun place it will be to join. You may even want to offer the bubble nets and solution as an incentive for them to join. Just make sure to have plenty on hand.

I hope I have given you some insights as to the uses of our products and their benefits. Having this as a marketing tool is well worth the cost only and will return your investment 100 times over. Not to mention the added draw of an exciting new form of fun and healthy exercise for your clients.

I look forward to working with your organization and providing all your bubbling needs.

Thank you for your time


Edward J. Miller

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