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Instruction For EaZy Bubbles

The size and strength of your bubbles depends on the quality of your solution, which is why we recommend using distilled or soft water:

Using a one-gallon container, heat a half gallon of water just at or above boiling temperature. Empty contents of your “White” packet into your one-gallon container, then add your half-gallon of hot water. Firmly seal the container, and then shake vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes until solution thickens. Add contents of “Liquid Soap” into the thickened solution as well as the remaining half gallon of cool water then rock the jug back and forth slowly (as to not make suds). Rock for 1- to 2 minutes. Your bubble mix is good to go!

Use a bucket larger than 1 gallon to dispense your bubbles with your bubble net. Any unused solution can always be returned to your mixing jug and saved for a later time. Remember to store your solution in a cool dark place and not outside in the sun. Once your bubble solution has been mixed, it will have a shelve life of approximately 3 months.

First Use and Storing Your Net

Allow your new bubble-net to soak in your solution for 1 to 2 minutes before using. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your net after use, and hang-dry to eliminate any remaining moisture. Roll net up around your hand, starting at the poles and ending at the PVC weight ; then place in zip-lock baggy to keep it clean and flexible in between uses.

How to Assemble Large Bubble Net Poles:

Your large bubble net poles are in 4 sections of 36 inches, which will combine to create two-6 foot poles. After assembly, place the two bare ends (Females) into the two grey receptacles (Males). Firmly insert the male and female ends for maximum pole strength. Use caution when disassembling so as not to damage your attachments.

How to Make Bubbles

There is no wrong way to make bubbles. The key is to have fun. I will give you a few tips to make your first bubble net experience safe and enjoyable.

Remember: LET THE WIND DO ALL THE WORK. Your net is designed to capitalize on the natural wind currents, and over time, you will develop a sense for how to take advantage of breezes and gusts. Try not to shake and wiggle your bubble net too much, this will only tangle and knot up your net. When making bubbles, try to be aware of your surroundings and your footing. Be careful of your bucket and people around you.

Remember that Bubbles are soap, and as such are an irritant. Be sure to avoid contact with the eyes and mouth. If you get soap in your eyes or mouth be sure to flush them with clean water. Goggles are strongly suggested to avoid eye irritation.

Now you’re ready for the fun! Dip your bubble net into your solution, keeping your poles together while dipping and lifting. Once you lifted the net above your head (allowing the wind to fully get to your bubbles) just open the net into the wind and fully stretch the triangle.

Welcome to the wonderful world of bubbling , we hope you enjoy your bubble net for a life time.

Go forth ,spread happiness and joy to others with your bubbles and lets help make the world a better place one bubble at a time.

Thank you for your purchase

Enjoy our products

CEO Edward J. Miller

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